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Privacy Statement

I was told that every website should have a privacy statement if they ever receive anybody's information. Since people email me, ask for advice about their personal situations, ask me for translations of love letters, and sometimes purchase something from me, I guess I need a privacy statement. So here's mine. Simple but covers the important points.

We never release any client information to any third party.
We do not sell or trade client lists or addresses.
We do not disclose any client names.
We keep private all order information and correspondence.
We do not reveal or discuss contents of translations we perform.
We post photos and information of persons only at their request and only with a signed application and release form.
We release only the individual's contact information that has been authorized by that individual.
We do not keep client or member information on our server so we are not subject to attacks that could result in private information being released.

Your privacy and security are assured!